The Athletic Breakthrough

A University study found that mice drinking ASEA for only 7 days increased endurance by 29%!!


What Can ASEA Redox Do For You?

experience improvements in...

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Recovery
  • Mental Stamina

Groundbreaking athletic achievements: Olympic gold medals, course records, 8 Ironman races in 12 weeks

Scientific research shows significant benefits for athletes drinking ASEA

This document reports to ASEA the results of VO2max athletic endurance testing performed on 17 Athletes from June to July 2009.

VO2 Max Study

ASEA Redox is made from Salt and Water and therefore does NOT contain any banned substances. Third party tested to ensure contents. More detailed white papers and tests showing no banned substances are available upon request from the person that referred you to this site.